A New Way to Dine

Accessible Solutions, Inc. (ASI) in partnership with CatMatt Software Solutions brings you SeniorDine.

ServTracker SeniorDine offers senior nutrition providers with a turnkey service delivery model that utilizes local restaurants to provide nutritious meals to seniors at a discounted rate. By using a combination of custom debit cards, congregate meal funding and/or community donations, senior service organizations can offer seniors the option to dine at their favorite participating restaurants, all tracked and managed by ServTracker.

Benefits of ServTracker SeniorDine:

  • Supports nutrition providers in building the technology infrastructure and capacity to expand dining services.
  • Solution to efficiently manage all restaurant meal services and meal types:  Congregate, Home Delivered or Grab-n-Go meals.
  • Streamlines communications with clients.
  • Simplifies data collection, reporting processes and restaurant invoicing.
  • Saves time and reduces administrative labor related to duplicate data entry.
  • Promotes successful contracting and implementation with restaurants with simplified technology.
Senior-Dine-Operations Flow-Graph

Managing the SeniorDine Program:

  • Electronically manage restaurant attendance, participant restaurant card balances, donation statements, funder reports and invoices
  • Simplify restaurant administrative tasks to entice restaurant participation in the program
  • Easily manage different meal services, meal types and differing meal service/or meal type prices
  • Restaurant data is integrated within ServTracker for consolidated demographic reports with congregate and home delivered services
  • The system utilizes a card that provides a safe contactless mechanism


We’re dedicated to top-notch customer support and enterprise level solutions in support of the senior service industry. Please contact Jessica Gosa @ jgosa@accessiblesolutions.com to learn more about this new way to dine.