Senior Centers

Seamlessly Automate Senior Center Operations

5-SeniorCentersSenior centers and other community aging facilities need an automated process to manage the wide range of services they deliver. ServTracker senior center software provides this solution.

This comprehensive, modular software for senior centers automates and organizes memberships, recreational activity enrollments, transportation services, congregate dining and client referrals – all while providing the tracking and reporting agencies need for funding organizations. Use one module, or combine them with other modules in ServTracker to customize a solution that fits your agency. Touch screen and bar coded ID badge technology can be integrated for paperless efficiency. The software is HIPAA compliant.

ServTracker gives every department in the organization a clear view of each client and the services they receive.

  • Recreational Activities  — plan, schedule, track and report on recreational activities by site, date, activity, unit and/or category. Pre-schedule clients for classes, create schedules in an unlimited number of ways, and track funding sources.
  • Membership – simplify membership management with the ability to track by individual or family, making it easier and cost effective to ‘household’ activities like membership newsletters or transportation. Membership management software tracks multiple residences, dues, payments, anniversaries, interests, hobbies. Agencies can even maintain notes and track if a member is also a volunteer.
  • Transportationget a powerful tool to create transportation service records including client schedules, fleet management, route assignments, service dates, assessments, and funding sources. Gain versatile options for information by client, by date, by route and by vehicle, as well as the ability to schedule someone the same day. Multiple reports and real-time data streamlines operations and improves accuracy.
  • VolunteersImprove volunteer management with the ability to automate and maintain accurate records of the services volunteers provide to the agency. This includes schedules, special skills, time sheets, expense reimbursements and more. Service gaps are eliminated and service delivery is smoother and more efficient.
  • Referralsquickly and easily record and maintain information on client service referrals. ServTracker allows numerous methods for tracking, viewing and reporting referral data, including numerous contacts, notes and historical records.
  • Bar-Code Scan and Touch-Screen Technologycapture client attendance (classes, recreation, congregate dining) and eliminate time-consuming tracking methods with either or both of these technological options. Gain real-time attendance information and reduce staff administration.
  • Online Class SchedulingIf your agency runs online classes, ServTracker features an online class scheduling tool allowing clients to view, select and pay for upcoming classes. Convenient class management for clients and agencies.

By eliminating paper processes, streamlining procedures and having access to real-time client data, senior centers increase client satisfaction, better utilize resources and increase productivity.

ServTracker Bar Code and Touchscreen Technology