New Products To Help You Run Your Agency!
You’ll see everything that’s new in mobile – from our mobile meals app and the all-new homecare services app.

New Features for Better Functionality
That’s right, we’ll walk you through everything new in SERVtracker to make sure you’re getting the most of its functionality.

Better Ways to Use SERVtracker
With new functionality comes new ways to use the software – we’ll show you all the best shortcuts to save time and make your staff more efficient. We’ll take questions, too, because we know a review helps everyone brush up on their knowledge of the software.

Better Agency Management Tips
You won’t hear from our expert anywhere else but at the conference. Mary Jo McKay will share how her agency manages their organization and see what you can take back to streamline your operations.

Fundraising and Budget Cuts – Can it really work?
Agencies across the country are facing budget cuts each year. We’ll have Cindy Vann of Meals on Wheels of Tampa share her fundraising models and how she closed the gap on decreasing funding.

Plus…tons of networking, new contacts, renewing old friendships and exciting workshops like:

  • Why Integrated Services Works
  • Optimizing Service Delivery
  • Using TouchScreen & Bar Code Devices
  • Going Mobile!
  • Making Meal Delivery Easy
  • Being EDI Compliant

Check out the details and register now!