The Show Must Go On…Virtually

Accessible Solutions, Inc. and its ServTracker® software platform have built a solid reputation as the solution of choice for Meals on Wheels providers and Senior Service Organizations throughout North America. Each year, Accessible Solution traditionally holds its ServTracker user conference in January for customers to gather in Florida where they learn about the latest software enhancements and network with their peers. January 2021, however, had other plans. So instead of gathering, Accessible Solutions did the next best thing: the show would go on — online. The result was a huge success, with attendance compared to previous years growing significantly.

“It is really important to the Accessible Solutions organization that we continue to provide our family of customers with information of value and a collaborative voice in shaping how ServTracker continues to evolve,” said Sarah Prosser, Executive VP of Accessible Solutions. “In part that was why we decided to hold our first ever virtual conference this year.” Circumstances over the past year have caused a huge shift in how just about everyone does business, with the online meeting becoming commonplace.

“A large conference of this kind is more complicated than a meeting or webinar,” Prosser said. “Our business works in the digital space, so we felt confident in our collective abilities to manage the technical aspects needed to support a large virtual group of attendees. We spent a lot of time focusing on how to create a virtual environment that delivers some of the same attributes of the in-person experience.”

“I’m very happy to report that the All Virtual 2021 ServTracker User Conference exceeded our goals,” Prosser said, “When we made the decision to go virtual, we felt one of the potential silver linings that could come from it was the opportunity to engage a broader audience of ServTracker users who for whatever reason would not typically attend the onsite conference. I’m both pleased and humbled to report that we had senior service agency representatives from almost every state within the U.S. as well as our largest audience of participants achieving an estimated 258% increase over last year’s on-site conference.”

Along with the conference presentation sessions, the conference also featured video submissions from senior service industry experts Bob Blancato, President of Matz, Biancato and Associates; NANSASP Executive Director and from Ellie Hollander, President and Chief Executive Officer of Meals on Wheels America. These expert opinions on important topics were some of the highlights of the conference.

ServTracker is a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and easy-to-use software application with a range of capabilities to manage, track, bill and report every aspect of operations. During conferences, the users of the software are asked for feedback and suggestions on how to improve the product. These suggestions are often used to create new features, such as these that were introduced at this year’s event: custom form and field designer; custom dashboards; and audit log. Another feature developed after customer’s suggestions: the ability to link multiple agencies together for centralized referrals and data aggregation.

Listening to clients and responding to their needs is one of the ways that Accessible Solutions has continued to be successful in a challenging environment.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” Prosser said, “And this year it was necessary to have an online event. But the success of this virtual format has been so overwhelming that we are now considering making a hybrid version of our in-person conference allowing us to advance our support of all of our valued customers.”

“Of course, there will be attendees who want to escape the winter weather that can be challenging in some parts of the country during our January conferences. We will guarantee we will give them a warm welcome.”


About Accessible Solutions:
Since 1993, Accessible Solutions has provided Meals on Wheels, senior and community service agencies, and private organizations with state-of-the art software solutions to manage their business. Our flagship product, ServTracker®, is a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and easy-to-use software application with a range of capabilities to manage, track, bill and report every aspect of an organization’s services.

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