AOA responds to President Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Proposal

The National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Program (NANASP) reported today on additional details released by the Administration on Aging (AoA) regarding their FY 2012 budget.  In their budget justification document, AOA states the following:

The FY 2012 request for Nutrition Services is $819,353,000 the same amount as the 2010 level.  At this level the budget request will support 193 million home delivered and congregate meals to approximately two million elderly individuals in a variety of community settings.  This represents approximately 36 million fewer home delivered and congregate meals than at the FY 2010 appropriation, primarily due to declining leveraged funds as State, local and private budgets face economic hardships.

NANASP is deeply troubled by this prospect of major meal reductions across the nation especially to the vulnerable seniors that the nutrition programs serve.  In fact, in this same budget justification document AoA notes “These meals are especially critical for the survival of the 28 percent of meal recipients who report these meals as the sole or majority of their food intake for the day.”

To view the complete AoA Budget Justification document, please CLICK HERE.

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