Manage Meals on Wheels Pet Food Programs with Servtracker

Banfield Charitable Trust’s Pet Peace of Mind® helps hospices integrate family pets in the end-of-life journey. From dog walks, grooming, vet care and pet food assistance, the program helps hospice programs add another level of caregiving to their patients.

The Trust helps pet owners feed their pets by giving grants to nonprofit organizations such as human food banks, shelters and even Meals on Wheels providers. Read more here.

Providing this service doesn’t have to be challenging. Meals on Wheels agencies with pet food programs can manage scheduling and delivery of pet food as well as the services given to their owners with Servtracker. Request a demo today to see how we can help with every type of service delivery need.

If your agency would like to add a pet program, The Pet Food Grant Program is once again accepting applications from Meals On Wheels Association Members that are looking to start or sustain a pet food distribution program. The funds awarded must be used for pet food, cat litter, pet supplies, grooming, veterinary care (except spay/neuter), temporary boarding expenses, pet food storage and rental and/or gas grants for volunteers. For information visit Banfield Charitable Trust Pet Food Assistance Program.