Accessible Solutions Featured in Spacecoast Business Magazine

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We were honored to have Accessible Solutions & ServTracker featured within the April issue of Spacecoast Business magazine.

The article tells the story of how ServTracker was born through mother of invention all the way up to where we are today.

Excerpt Follows:

Matching good intentions with invention

Most classic business stories start with the goals: a business starts with a vision for a need in the marketplace – a need that could be handled more efficiently, more cost-effectively and more elegantly, for example. When a need is accepted and adopted, filling the void that existed before the product or service was created, then success is possible. Dynamic business stories take that a bit further, as some have, with a business starting with a napkin drawing, or an entrepreneur working late into the night or on weekends in a kitchen, or garage, or behind the blue screen of a home computer. Then the success is not only more fantastical, it is indeed much more satisfying.

This classic story is the tale of the locally-based, family-owned and national- recognized Accessible Solutions, Inc., whose team develops a software platform called ServTracker. This cloud-based program is designed to help senior service organizations (such as Meals on Wheels) bring order to what is often a chaos of spreadsheets, overflowing file cabinets and frustrated workers and volunteers struggling against a tide of paperwork.

Accessible Solutions has a strong presence in Brevard County and recently bought and will be expanding into new building in North Merritt Island, anticipated in the second quarter of 2020. The expansion is the latest step in an exciting journey for the company.


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