2017 ServTracker Conference Wraps Up

Last Friday we wrapped up the 2017 user conference and workshop in Cocoa Beach, FL. With more than double the number of attendees this year, we had robust discussion and plenty of networking among attendees about their use of and success with ServTracker. Greg Prosser, President of Accessible Solutions, who recently was also named Chief Executive Officer, opened the conference with a welcome and review of the many topics attendees would learn about over the coming 2 1/2 days. The first day included workshops on mapping and routing technologies, attendance tracking automation, case management functionality, review of a new online class registration portal for senior centers, automating Medicaid and private insurance billing, and managing meal delivery during the holiday period. Don Miller, CFO with Meals on Wheels of America, spoke to us about the current state of the nutrition services industry and a road map for the future.

Accessible Solutions 2017 User Conference

We also worked in a little Yoga break in the afternoon, and had an evening painting activity and cocktail hour. Look at all those artists at work!

Accessible Solutions User Conference Fun

Day 2 provided attendees with information on invoice and transaction management, meal choice offerings (including our new online order integration), reconciliation of homecare client and employees hours with the ServTracker mobile app, optimizing service management, and automated system notifications. Catriona Carlisle, Executive Director at Meals on Wheels Greenville, South Carolina (below, left), led an interactive workshop on how her agency has used the power of fundraising to reduce dependency on federal and state funding for their nutrition program. Pictured next to Catriona is Caroline, Dena and Donetta of Nutrition Services of Beaumont, Texas, who joined us for the first time.

Accessible Solutions User Conference Attendeees
Attendees were also able to register for one-on-one training in the ServTracker Lab. In addition, customers Ginny Jurofcik and Judy McCrum with Lifespan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (right), shared how they are making plans to deploy the Servtracker online customer portal for online meal ordering.

Accessible Solutions User Conference 2017

Thursday night we ventured out from the hotel to Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral, for dinner, museum exhibits about the area, and a rocket launch! We were disappointed that the perfectly-timed Atlas Rocket launch was scrubbed – our vantage point adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center was the ideal spot to be for a launch and would have been an exciting end to our evening. Dinner was prepared by Brevard Community Kitchen (bottom right), which among their catering services is the kitchen that prepares food for the Meals on Wheels program locally.

Accessible Solutions Conference Events

The Accessible Solutions Team thanks everyone for attending and looks forward to next year!

Left to right: Lynda Lynn, Greg Prosser, Mike Humphreys, Giselle Marzano, Steven Schillmoeller (behind Giselle), Michael Allen and Sarah Prosser.

Accessible Solutions Team