Mobile Solutions

Paperless Productivity and Real-Time Service Tracking

Accessible Solutions provides another level of convenience and productivity with mobile solutions for use by providers of home delivered meals and home care services.

These mobile solutions rid agencies of the laborious tasks of route sheets, manual reconciliations, task schedules, time sheet verifications and lengthy data entry. They provide real-time data on activities and services happening in the field so you can easily monitor the day’s activities and interact with employees and drivers about issues or changes immediately.

Each mobile solution seamlessly integrates with ServTracker® Software and is packed with features and functions specific to meal delivery or home care services. These software applications improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity!

Mobile Meals App

Mobile Meals App Icon


  • Eliminate Manual Reconciliation
  • Push Route Sheets Digitally to Drivers
  • GPS Mapping
  • Real-Time Delivery Confirmation
  • Track Client Changes in Condition
  • Electronic Signatures Collection
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Mobile Homecare App

Home care app
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  • Real-Time Information
  • GPS Street-by-Street Directions
  • Service Request Changes on the Fly
  • Real-Time Delivery Confirmation
  • Generate Accurate Timekeeping
  • Electronic Signatures Collection

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