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Agencies managing Meals on Wheels programs and congregate dining facilities are challenged with a wide range of individualized service demands that make management difficult.

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ServTracker’s Nutrition Services Module and the accompanying Mobile Meals App remove this complexity and provide a simple, more efficient and accurate process to serve clients and complete agency operational functions. This software for meals on wheels programs and congregate dining rooms is cloud-based and easy to use.

From meal planning, food prep, and dietary concerns to tracking meal preferences, service changes, delivery schedules, assessments and staff management, ServTracker is a comprehensive software solution that centralizes information concerning clients, staff, volunteers and funding sources.

Meals on Wheels Made Easy

  • Create custom meal schedules and multiple meal types or requirements
  • Generate route sheets in seconds or use the mobile meals app for paperless routing
  • Streamline workflow and increase productivity
  • Record unlimited funding sources
  • Automate Assessments
  • Utilize a robust billing system
  • Access hundreds of reports and customize them to your needs

Software Screenshots

Mobile Meals App

Mobile Meals App IconThe Mobile Meals App adds an additional layer of efficiency and productivity, and provides even more benefits including GPS coordinate mapping, real-time data capture (which eliminates manual reconciliations), change of condition tracking, electronic signatures and delivery confirmations, while also reducing costs. Employees are more efficient, accurate and have less risk of accident without cumbersome paperwork to manage in the vehicle. Plus, managers can see it all real-time on the mobile app dashboard.

Go Paperless with Servtracker Mobile Meals App

Managing Volunteers

In addition to improving the management of meal services, ServTracker helps agencies better manage volunteers. With searchable access to the volunteers, their skills and availability, service gaps are eliminated and service delivery is smoother and more efficient. The software includes tracking of volunteer hours, mileage and more, while making easy work of reports and operational analysis.

Congregate Meals Better Managed

Congregate Dining IconThe meal delivery management capabilities in ServTracker gives managers of congregate dining facilities a way to plan, schedule, prepare, track and report on every meal served. The software allows a variety of options so agencies can set up their particular workflow to better manage service delivery – easily and accurately. With the real-time funding source manager, agencies have better utilization and management of resources as well as increased profitability.

  • Define meal types, meal categories, diets, and special needs
  • Track service dates daily, weekly or monthly
  • Record funding sources and streamline billing
  • Capture real-time attendance with bar-coded ID badges and touchscreen capabilities
  • Access customized reports

ServTracker Bar Code and Touchscreen Technology

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