Mobile Home Care App


Home care appThe Mobile Home Care App provides senior home care service agencies more control over employee service delivery. Services are delivered on time, accurately, and efficiently – with all the information uploaded wirelessly to ServTracker, real-time. Agencies can now get rid of laborious schedules, driver route sheets, employee directions and reporting related to delivery in-home services.

iPhone & iPad App Screenshots

Managers are able to:

  • Manage client service requests
  • Send electronic service schedules to an employees mobile device
  • Generate accurate timekeeping with employee “check-in” and “check-out”
  • Electronically provide GPS street-by-street directions
  • Ask clients important outcome measurement questions
  • Make service request changes on the fly
  • Secure client signatures that complies with EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) funding requirements
  • Solve client issues or changes real-time

Use of mobile home care app requires active ServTracker client license(s).

Download on the App Store | ServTracker Mobile Meals App link to Apple Store

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Get it on Google Play link to mobile meals app download

Requires Android 4.3 or later.

ServTracker can deliver for you.

Dashboard Provides Managers Real-Time Information

In addition to the features and functionality provided for employees, the Mobile Home Care app provides managers real-time information in a summarized Dashboard. This live visual view allows managers to see the productivity and completion of service by each employee.

  • Know immediately what services have and have not been completed
  • See unresolved issues that may need attention
  • Find exactly where employees are on their schedule at any given time
  • Text information, push new location maps or directions

Improve Accountability and Accuracy, Too!

Using home care service tracking allows senior service agencies to improve productivity, accountability and accuracy. Employees are more accurate and accountable, but also provided with the information they need to provide good service with the complexity of cumbersome paperwork.

The Mobile Home Care App For ServTracker Has Numerous Benefits!

  • Reduces paperwork and data entry
  • Eliminates risk of lost information
  • Gives employees up-to-date information to do their jobs
  • Increases productivity
  • Verifies delivery of service
  • Reduces fraud and increases accountability
  • Increases billing efficiency
  • Meets state compliance regulations for EVV
  • Meets HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Provides accurate weekly time sheet for payroll records

Plus, it’s easy to implement and there’s no software to install because everything is cloud-based.

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