Bar Code & Touch Screen Technologies

ServTracker Technology Makes Management Easier

Capturing client attendance and their activities is easy with the assistance of bar code scanning and touch screen technology. There are several different ways to use these technologies in conjunction with ServTracker, providing flexible and cost-effective methods to offer additional convenience to seniors and staff, while automating information for reporting.

Hand-Held Fixed Scanner or Slot Card Readers

This option can be set up as a stationary scanner to track one activity or one type of attendance, or take advantage of bar-coded ID badges if there is a need to track multiple activities, options or choices. This allows the attendee to scan/swipe their badge and make options, changes or selections on a touch screen. If desired and computer stations are at a minimum, printed sign-in sheets with bar codes next to the client name can be used, which still saves administrative time at the end of the day.

  • Streamlines data entry process
  • Provides real time service and attendance information
  • Utilizes resources more effectively
  • Increases productivity
  • Provides a professional touch to operation
  • Coordinates with standard Avery Business supplies

Touch Screen Capabilities

Bar code scanning provides one level of automation (limited to one activity or type of attendance) while Touch Screen technology gives clients a level of control over the range of services they select from congregate meals, classes and activities to adult day care services. Touch screen monitors can be used alone or in addition to bar code scanners to have the most flexible and comprehensive system possible and maximize efficiency.

  • Offers easy, intuitive system for clients to find their account (with or without an ID badge), view activities and make selections
  • Eliminates the need for computers and bar-code scanners in each room
  • Provides opportunity for a centralized entry system
  • Reports real time service and attendance information
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Allows use of more than one language to better accommodate client needs

And like bar code technology, printed sign-in sheets with bar codes can be used, if desired. Both systems allow the use of bar-coded key tag badges and are HIPAA compliant and secure.