Adult Day Services

Make Running a Senior Facility Efficient and Profitable

The adult day services software module in ServTracker offers a comprehensive set of automated tools that can be used alone or in combination with any of the other modules for complete management, tracking and reporting of facility services. Adult day care providers are able to eliminate paper processes, streamline procedures and better utilize resources, making them more efficient and profitable. The software is HIPAA compliant.

Integrated Information Improves Customer Satisfaction

Using ServTracker software removes the complexity of running an adult day care facility. By automating the information on clients, care plans, transportation, dining and assessments, employees have the “real-time” information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and accurately, providing a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Case Management Has Never Been Easier

ServTracker makes custom care planning easier, more accurate and efficient. Documenting every aspect of a plan, as well as tracking contacts, services, case notes, funding and long-term goals is automated and easily accessible. Case managers can request and manage referrals, pre-set assessments, and run any number of reports to analyze information and submit to funding agencies for timely payment processing.

Adult Day Services Software Accessible Solutions

9-SeniorTransportaionSimpler Transportation Scheduling and Management

ServTracker is a powerful tool for senior service organizations to manage adult day transportation services that makes client schedules, fleet management, route assignments, service dates, assessments, and funding sources easier to organize and track. Gain versatile options for information by client, by date, by route and by vehicle, as well as the ability to schedule someone “on-the-fly” the same day. Multiple reports and real-time data streamlines operations and tracks medical information (i.e. wheelchair use), residence directions, and other details for reporting and invoicing.

7-CongregateDiningFacilsCongregate Meals Better Managed

Details related to congregate dining is easier to plan, schedule, prepare, track and report using ServTracker adult day services software. Meal management gives senior facility providers an automated way to capture every meal served, including details on meal types, dietary concerns, special needs, service dates, and more.

ConsultingRequest and Track Service Referrals

Quickly and easily record and maintain information on client service referrals. ServTracker allows numerous methods for tracking, viewing and reporting referral data, including numerous contacts, notes and historical records. Automating referrals provides quicker client file updates, elimination of multiple forms and processes, as well as the ability to summarize client information by funding source.

bar code graphicBar-Code Scan and Touch-Screen Technology Makes Attendance a Breeze

Capture client attendance (classes, recreation, congregate dining) and eliminate time-consuming paper tracking methods with either or both of these technological options. Reduce staff administration and have access to real-time attendance information.

ServTracker Touch Screen Technology   ServTracker Senior Center Touchscreen

ServTracker Bar Code and Touchscreen Technology