Since 1993, Accessible Solutions has provided senior agencies, community service providers and private organizations with state-of-the art software solutions to manage their business. These cloud-based, software applications provide a range of services and capabilities that enable automated operational processes in an easy-to-use interface that makes business management easier, more efficient and less costly.

SENIOR SERVICE AGENCY SOFTWARE SOLUTION          ServTracker Senior Software by Accessible Solutions

Our flagship product, ServTracker, is a comprehensive software solution with a wide range of tools that makes managing, tracking, reporting and billing of senior services easy, cost-effective and reliable. Historically mired in paperwork and manual processes, we show senior agencies and community service providers how to automate operations, use paperless mobile solutions and more easily manage clients, employees, vendors and volunteers with one simple solution, saving time and money. ServTracker is the perfect software for meals on wheels programs, congregate dining facilities, home care agencies, adult day care and more. When choosing meals on wheels tracking software, agencies choose ServTracker for its flexibility, modular design, and comprehensive management tools – all backed by a company with more than 20 years of experience that offers exceptional support.


Why Else Should You Choose Accessible Solutions for Business Software?

Our software:

  • provides intuitive, clean interfaces so it’s easy to use
  • offers modular components so you use what you need
  • increases efficiency, accuracy and productivity
  • reflects functionality based on input by the customers who use it
  • manages a complicated mix of client records in the same database, each needing their own set of requirements

Customers Tell Us Our Software Makes A Difference! 

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We’re dedicated to top-notch customer support and we’re told time and again that our support is unmatched in the industry. We take pride in that. Check out our products and services to see how we can help your organization. Sign up for a demo.

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