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Your world runs on data.

Puts it all in One Place.

The ONE Software Solution

For Senior Service Agencies


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ServTracker is a Proud Partner

of Meals on Wheels America®

Manage Everything Easily with Only ONE Software Solution — ServTracker™

Your world runs on data. ServTracker puts it all in one place.

ServTracker by CaseWorthy is an integrated software solution featuring real time reporting, risk management, reduction in paper and unnecessary redundancies, fiscal savings, lean on-boarding process of clients and client management, employee and volunteer management, digital service delivery solutions, digital billing to support multiple funding streams and more.

ServTracker is: Secure | Cloud-Based | Modular & Scalable | Customizable | EDI Compliant | HIPAA Compliant | Mobile

Advancing Meals on Wheels 

In the News!

A New Way to Dine

ServTracker SeniorDine offers senior nutrition providers with a turnkey service delivery model that utilizes local restaurants to provide nutritious meals to seniors at a discounted rate.

Learn more about how ServTracker can deliver for you.

GO Paperless With Our Mobile Technology

ServTracker’s Mobile Meals App and Home Care Services App provide another level of efficiency and productivity, allowing real-time tracking and service information. Employees are more efficient, more accurate and have less paperwork to manage. Plus, there’s no more laborious, end-of-day administration concerns.

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Mobile App Features

  • Eliminate Manual Reconciliation
  • Push Route Sheets Digitally to Drivers
  • GPS Mapping
  • Real-Time Delivery Confirmation
  • Track Client Changes in Condition
  • Electronic Signatures Collection
  • Real-Time Information
  • GPS Street-by-Street Directions
  • Service Request Changes on the Fly
  • Real-Time Delivery Confirmation
  • Generate Accurate Timekeeping
  • Electronic Signatures Collection

Get The Mobile Meals App

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